Personal & Group Fitness Training

In today’s busy world, free time is limited to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in your day.  Achieve Fitness’s knowledge and experience takes the guess work out of your fitness routine by designing a workout plan that will help accomplish your goals quicker.  Achieving these results is done by incorporating strength, power, balance and agility into each workout.  Each session is one hour long and will be a unique experience as each workout is different. You will have fun and be motivated to perform your best.


Achieve Fitness Family




 Our team specializes in providing personalized training sessions and group workout classes. We will help you achieve the healthy physique that is best suited to your personal goals and lifestyle. Through dedication, professionalism, and an encouraging atmosphere you can and will achieve the body that you’ve been dreaming about.



Personalized Training Classes

If you want to experience the benefits of a customized workout program that focuses on your core areas, then try one of our personalized training classes. You’ll be hooked in five minutes!


Group Workout Classes

Sometimes we all need a little motivation to make it to the gym every week. These group workout classes will get you pumped (literally) for the gym!




I’ve been working out with Rick for 7 years, and my total body fitness is better than it’s ever been, in spite of a lifetime of athletic endeavors, and my current age of 59. My passion for a while now has been riding my bicycle, and I love long distance road cycling with lots of hill climbing. Every time I have to climb a hill and use my arms and core, I’m thankful for Rick and his workouts.



I love working out with Rick. He understands my limitations due to my hip replacement; modifies accordingly. His workouts are fun, effective, and encouraging



Since I have been training with Meghan, I feel I am the fittest I have been in the past ten years.  We have worked through surgeries, riding injuries, diets; and Meghan has always been able to modify the workout.  While the workout was modified, it was always comprehensive.  I cannot recommend Meghan highly enough.  She is also a great listener!